What do Cubs do?

Each Pack is made up of young people aged 8 to 10, led by an adult Cub leader traditionally nicknamed Akela after the wise leader of the wolf pack in Rudyard Kipling’s novel, The Jungle Book.

As well as the Cub leader, other adults are on hand to supervise activities, share their skills and keep everyone safe. Other young people aged 14 to 18 might help out, too. These are Explorer Scouts taking part in the Explorer Scout Young Leader programme. Within their Pack, Cubs are also part of a Six. A Six is a smaller group of Cubs, headed up by a Sixer and a Seconder. Sixers and Seconders are Cub Scouts who are chosen to take on leadership responsibilities, such as welcoming new people to the Pack, being extra helpful on camp, or taking charge of a particular game or activity.

Cubs do a wide range of activities and activities range from arts and crafts to climbing and abseiling, to kayaking and sailing – we like to give the cubs an experience of the adventure that scouting has to offer.  We may also take part in competitions against other cub packs including the district swimming gala, cub challenge day, chess competition, five a-side football competition.  We also join up with the other packs and groups for camps and parades.  Cubs make a Promise, help others, play games, go on outings and visits, go camping, learn about the outdoors, gain badges, make new friends and create things.