Beaver Joining Info

Any child can join our Beaver Scout Colony once they are 5 3/4 if we have empty spaces or 6 if we are full. Currently we have spaces to take on new Beaver Scouts.

If your Child is interested in joing our Colony please contact Beaver Leader Fox (Sarah McDonald) on 01524 812380 or 07780622477.

A welcome pack is available if you wish to find out more information, These can be obtained from Beaver Leader Fox so please do not hesitate to contact me.

We usually ask that your child attends Beaver Scouts for 4 weeks before we Invest them into the Colony just to make sure that they are sure they want to become a fully fledged Beaver Scout. We then ask that you purchase a Turquoise Beaver Scout Jumper from our local Scout Shop in Lancaster or we can have the Ladies who volunteer to run the shop come to one of our meetings and help you decide which size jumper is best for your child.

We only run our sessions during the standard school term. So when the schools are on holiday then so are we.

Termly fees are charged for your child to attend. These are charged 3 times a year, January, April and September.

Fees are £35 per term for your first child and then £25 per term for your second, third child etc.

We do also ask that each parent offers to help out at at least 2 sessions per term as currently we only have 1 Beaver Leader who runs the Section on her own and it would be much appreciated for as much help as possible at weekly sessions, camps and on day visits, so that we can care for your child in as safe an environment as possible.

All parents are requested to complete a CRB form as standard, even if you are unable to help at sessions on a regular basis. The Scout Group pays for these for you.