Beaver photos and past events

District Beaver Scouts – Beavers under canvas.

Recently our Beaver Scouts took part in the first Lonsdale District Beaver Scout Camp held at Our Littledale Scout Camp just outside of Brookhouse Caton.

The theme of the whole weekend camp was Heros and Villians. All the Beaver Scouts from Lonsdale District were asked to come as their favourite super hero and we had to help them make their super hero mask on the Saturday afternoon. There were then various task for them to complete in various super hero worlds.

Although it did rain on the Saturday on and off it didnt seem to bother any of the Beaver Scouts. It probably bothered the Leaders More. We did also have to fight off the pesky midges that unfortunately Littledale is well known for but with plenty of midge spray and creams it didnt deter us from enjoying our weekend camp.

The weather on Sunday was thankfully much better which enabled the kids to enjoy playing out in the sun.

All in all a fantastic yet tiring weekend was had by all. Hopefully an experience that is to be repeated every two years

Beaver Sleepover with 5th Lancaster at the TA Centre

Our Beaver Scout Colony have this year joined up with 5th Lancaster Beaver Scouts to go on a Space Themed Sleepover at The TA Center Lancaster.

It was a very enjoyable weekend of fun and games.

November 2015

Our Beaver Scouts love to lead the Group on the annual Remembrance Day Parade through the village. They all think its great that they get to walk down the center of the road in their uniforms and show off how proud they are to be a part of Scouting.